Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Odd Little Toy

I found this odd little toy recently and wonder what it is. Anyone have ideas? I'm guessing it was part of a model train set. The wheel turns freely, moving the horizontal piece on the top back and forth.The box has a very skinny spring that's about 3 inches long. The whole thing weighs 7.6 ounces.

I'm clueless. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cranking up the eBay

I'm not quite sure how to link directly to my items on eBay - wish there was a simple URL - but hope this will do:

I'm finally - FINALLY - getting up the nerve to sort through the boxes that I brought home from Mom and Dad's. Boxes that have been packing the attic and lining the sun porch making both spaces unusable for anything else.

Stuff. Stuff. And More Stuff. sigh...

I've been hesitant to get rid of anything for fear it was too early. Too irreverent. Too disrespectful.

You know.

But at this time, my house is groaning under the weight of stuff. I feel lighter each time an old object goes off to a new home. Like I'm giving it a chance at a new life. Being trapped in a stuffy cardboard box is no way to live, even for candle sticks or canteens.

Rest assured that I'm keeping some things. I've found some memorabilia that makes me smile and is full of fondness. Those I keep.

I'm trying hard to keep just 1 or 2 items from each phase of my life - not 50. Just because I like something doesn't mean I have to keep it. Keep the things that are symbolic and sentimental and let the rest go.

So keep an eye on my eBay feed. I never know what I'll find as I open each box.

Pair of Cute Metal Candle Holders

I love these little candle holders. They would be perfect anywhere you need a shabby chic touch.

They're painted metal shaped to look like flowers. The "petals" hold taper candles.

Cute, lightweight, but with wide bases so they're nice and stable when holding candles.

They have a few little chips here and there, but just enough to give them charm. They could use a cleaning, hint hint.

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Vintage Canteens

A pair of vintage canteens. Both are still solid and should hold water. The green one is dated 1969 on the bottom.

The aluminum one, let's face it, is quite dented, but still looks water-worthy.

Both have original lids attached and are in surprisingly good shape.

These are either from Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. 

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Boy Scout First Aid Book, 1939, by Norman B. Cole M.D.

Here's a wonderful find! A Boy Scouts merit badge handbook from 1939.

Flipping through this book is a trip back in time: wonderful photos and charming little sketches. Just priceless.

Written by Norman B. Cole, M.D., Assistant visiting physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Co-author (with Clayton H. Ernst) of "First Aid for Boys".

This book was used as a library book and was re-bound with an outer cover. The outer cover has some stains (either paint or ink) and labels that have been partially removed. The title page has been perforated with letters that spell out Cleveland Public Library.

The interior pages are in good shape and the binding is solid.

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Sing Together: A Girl Scout Songbook

1973, when singalongs were popular! The Girl Scouts produced a spiral-bound songbook perfect for special occasions and campfires. Look for folk songs, marches, canons, rounds.

The book is in great condition and will bring back fond memories to Girl Scouts of any age.

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