Sunday, June 1, 2014

Malachite Necklace

This is a remarkable necklace of large malachite beads, strung together with tiny seed beads between each one.

The largest beads are 12-13 mm; the smallest are about 6 mm. They are each unique, with natural designs of swirls and lines and stripes. The beads range in color, though the overall effect is of a rich dark green.

A silver-tone barrel clasp securely fastens the necklace. The beads are strung on a clear mono-filament line.

Overall length is 19.5 inches.

It's just the right size. The necklace has a good feel to it, so you know you're wearing something substantial, but it's not heavy. Easy to wear.

I bought this necklace for myself in the mid-80s when I visited New York long ago. I love it, but rarely wear it. It needs just the right forever home :)

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