Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Whimsical Horse and Rider Figure by Petites Choses

This whimsical horse and rider are sure to add just that right bit of charm to your decor! With the fancy hat and big plume, plus all the medals on his uniform, he must be a general. He's certainly important, but oh so very suave. You gotta love that curly mustache, right?

The details here are fabulous. He's carrying a staff in his left hand with a bucket on top. I can't imagine what that's for.

Made by Petites Choses, USA, of various metals, embossed to add detail.

Measurements: 15 inches tall x 6-3/4 inches long x 3 inches wide

Weight: 1 lb, 6 oz. The base contains some material inside, maybe sand or pellets, to add weight. He stands up very sturdily.

The tag on the bottom says "Petites Choses USA".


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