Friday, August 6, 2010

So Why Do We Need A Blog?

Everybody goes through this: our parents get older and need to move out of the house where they raised the family. They need someplace smaller and more manageable. They need someone to help out once in a while.

None of that is exactly novel.

My point exactly. I've never gone through this before, but lots of other folks have. How do you start discussions with Dad about how maybe the house was getting to be too much? I navigated that blindly, and not always well. 

How do I find a better place for him and Mom? Whew...that was a trip.

Now that they've decided they should move, what do we do with all the stuff? How do I make the transition easy for them.

By now, I'm realizing that I'm not alone in this. Everybody goes through this. Maybe by blogging, I can gain some help from other folks who have been through this, and help out those who have yet to do it.   

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