Sunday, August 15, 2010

The VintageOpal Online Store is Open!

Finally, the Vintage Opal online store is now open! It's taken quite a while to get to this point and find items that Mom and Dad are comfortable selling. We've had garage sales, and they're good for getting rid of the clutter that we should have been clearing out all along. But some items are too sentimental or valuable to set out in the yard.

So we've talked a lot about what do we do with stuff that's sentimental, but they just can't keep any longer. We decided to open an online store and find new homes for those items. Mom and Dad are ok wiht that idea, provided that I tell the story of all those items. They are historical items - items with a history - and it seems a shame to let that history be lost.

I've started with a few items just to help Mom and Dad ease into this online thing. My plan is to continue to add items gradually. I think posting dozens of things all at once would be too stressful for them.

And this makes it manageable for me. I can go through one box at a time, photo the things, and list them. It means that there may not be much rhyme or reason for what's listed when -- I never know what's in each box -- but that makes it a bit of treasure hunt.

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